Friday, October 30, 2009

Cosmos Featured on the biggest little!

Join the Move to Providence Campaign!Just a quick shout-out and a BIG thanks to the biggest little for featuring Cosmos Creative on their site this week! Started as an outpost for the Move to Providence Campaign, the biggest little, features wonderful tidbits on artists and going-ons that are particular to Providence. It’s a great resource for anyone living in, or visiting the city. So, be sure to learn more about the campaign and the talented peeps behind it by visiting; it’s sure to entertain and inspire!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Visual Diary: Ultra Tattoo Classics

Hello all, hope this finds you well, thought I would share a little kitsch with you today: my very own Temporary Tattoo collection! Odd as it may seem, I very much delight in collecting these. And for the record, I don’t collect just any temporary tattoos; they must come from the fifty-cent vending machines that you often find at bowling alleys, arcades, supermarkets and the alike. Whenever I spot one, it’s a necessity that I find fifty cents pronto, even if it means I have to borrow it from a friend, or even cash a dollar! No joke.

My most recent spotting was this past Monday at the DMV…amazing. It made the very long line, I was waiting on, seem that much less hellacious. That day, I scored the Tiger in the bottom right corner…and the others? Well, I can’t really recall. I do have to say though; my absolute favorite in the bunch, is the strawberry and second to that is the Virgin Mary.

Not exactly sure where my passion to collect these came from, I can only assume, it stems from my childhood. As my cousin Karen recently reminded me, I used to collect tiny toys that came from a particular vending machine at a particular arcade that we would frequent as kids at the Jersey shore. I had an entire dresser drawer filled with hundreds of these tiny toys, little plastic guns, playing cards, etc.

Overall, I think it has most to do with the mystery of what you might get, or the excitement that comes with the revelation of what you got. It’s really all about the anticipation and the discovery…besides they’re fun to look at, so enjoy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random Reading

"We wanted to gain control of our cheese."
- Matt Jennings

As quoted by Brandon Lewis, "The Passion of The Chef." Providence Monthly Nov. 2009: 23-24

Random Reading

“Celebrate with Tofurky, my ass.”

Mike Madden, “The Carnivore’s Dilemma.” Providence Monthly Nov. 2009: 14.

Visual Diary: RISD Alumni + Student Fall Art Sale

{images provided by Jeannie Shin}

A little over two weeks ago, my parents came to visit me in Providence and fortunately, I was able to take them to the RISD Fall Alumni and Student Art Sale on Benefit Street. Open and free to the public, this creative paradise provided my parents and I the opportunity to stroll historic Benefit Street and view works from both emerging and established artists. We eventually made our way through table after table of handmade goods created by more than 175 RISD students and alumni from around the world! The sale featured a plethora of jewelry, scarves, clothing, one-of-a-kind handbags, ceramic bowls and cups, kids' toys and books, blown-glass pieces, paintings and drawings, photography, sculptures and more (including free Jazz and lots of people-watching)!

Overall, it was a big haze of people and stuff, but one particular artist that caught my attention and held it, was Jeannie Shin. Her jewlery is so well crafted and sculptural in its form, I was, and still am, drawn to the color, texture and shape of her pieces. Unfortunately Ms. Shin does not have a website, but she will be selling her work at the next Alumni Holiday Art Sale, December 12th from 10am-5pm, at the Rhode Island Convention Center. So be sure to check out the RISD website to learn more and take a peak at the photo gallery on Flickr. Absorb and enjoy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cosmos Contributes: Cirque Du Noir

{Bridgescape 102409, India Ink and Pen on Clayboard 11" x 14"}

Happy almost-Halloween folks! I say that because this past weekend, I was fortunate enough to celebrate early at Cirque Du Noir in Worcester, MA. My friend and co-worker, Michelle May, co-hosted this fabulous fundraiser with her friend, Andreea Waters, to help support the Worcester County Food Bank.

 Held at Bocado Tapas Wine Bar, the event showcased an abundance of creative spirit including a silent art auction, an art fusion, Zentangle zaniness and live music from Esthema!

Guests donned “creative black attire” as they munched on tasty Bocado delights, perused art, and mingled with artists. The Halloween atmosphere included a deliciously-dark candy buffet and hauntingly-beautiful floral arrangements, all created by local florist, Sprout.

One of the highlights of the evening was the live-art fusion, which featured a group of talented artists as they collaborated on a number of different canvases. Each canvas was assigned a theme and by the end of the evening, they were all auctioned off.

I was very happy to be apart of this wonderful event. I was lucky enough to contribute a piece of work to the art auction (shown at top of post). And although I do not know yet, whom the piece went to, or how much it went for, I hope that it made everybody involved happy! Be sure to check out the many photos on Flickr and learn more about the event here. It will be sure to get you in the Halloween spirit! Boo Ya!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Pattern: Flourish

Hey there ladies and gents, I’m happy to present to you, the newest pattern to enter the Cosmos Creative Collection; it’s called Flourish! Hope you like it. I spent a significant amount of time on this one, moving bits around and such. There was just something that I didn’t like about the original drawing, so I tweaked it and molded it into the fine specimen that it now is. Overall, I’m pretty content with how it looks, it has somewhat of a vintage wallpaper feel, that I am particularly liking in the red/tan and the green/blue color ways (click image to see larger).

It’s funny how all of the different color ways, that I have developed for each new pattern, seem to look very similar on screen. I assure you though, they are quite different. It must be the difference between RGB and CMYK and screen vs. print that creates this illusion…just a theory. Either way, I can totally envision the red and tan combo as holiday wrapping paper and the green and blue combo as a beautiful textile, perfect for home décor. Oh la la…manufacturers everywhere, take note and stay tuned! Lovely more patterns to come!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Sketchbook Project: #2

Lo and behold, I’ve done it folks; I’ve finally added another drawing to the sketchbook! Man, am I moving at a snail’s pace with this project! It’s a good thing Art House extended the deadline to January 4th.…it’s as if they answered my prayers, yey!

Pretty happy with the way this sketch came out. As you can probably tell, I’m literally drawing one page at a time, since I don’t like drawing across two page spreads. I’m very fussy about line quality and any little break, or unintentional swirvature bugs me. So, I was thinking that between each sketch, on the above/opposite page I might paste in print-outs of my pattern designs, from the Cosmos Creative Collection, as I create them. However I’m not entirely sold on this concept yet, since I rather like the white space and the minimal feel of the book as it’s coming along. Either way, I’ll be sure to keep you posted…ha! that was an unintentional pun, tehehe. So, stay tuned and stay inspired, more sketches, patterns and Cosmos news to come!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Colonel's Super Dooper Guitar Party!

Poster designed by Jerry Clayworth.

Hello all! Hope you had a fantastic weekend despite the crappy weather. My weekend was rather busy, filled with studio work and the usual weekend errands; however I did step out, rather unexpectedly, on Saturday night to attend The Colonel's Super Dooper Guitar Party. Thanks to my friends Heidi and Ty and their persistent postings on Facebook, I came across a sampling of what to expect from this party in Pawtucket. I was sold when I heard this recording from Barbara Lynn, apparently it was her first single and a #1 R&B hit and Top 10 pop hit in 1962.

Held at The German Hall and filled with vendors, memorabilia, and a most amazing display of rare, and unusual guitars, this three-day event was unlike any that I had been to before in Rhode Island. I do believe The German Hall was the perfect setting for this event with its rather period-specific décor. Some of my favorite accents included: the gold lame curtains that hung above the stage, the sconces framed in gold and matted in pink fabric, and of course, the vintage posters advertising German beer and food that lined the hallways = total awesomeness.
Overall the evening was a welcomed blast from the past, the highlight of which, for me, was hearing Barbara Lynn perform. I was hoping to include a video of her opening song here in this post, however after many failed attempts to upload the video, I gave up and opted to post stills instead (click images to see larger). You’ll just have to take my word for it, she rocked!
Totally inspired by her performance, I managed to purchase one of her CD’s and was lucky enough to get her to sign it just before I left for the evening! Barbara Lynn is such a sweetie and a true inspiration, I feel so fortunate to have gotten the chance to see her play, as well as, meet her! Big thanks to The Colonel for bringing all of her talent, and that of many others, to Pawtucket! It was a blast.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Visual Diary: Street Animation By Sjors Vervoort

Came across this awesome animation by Sjors Vervoort on Wooster Collective and I’m totally loving it! Not exactly sure how it was created, but I can only hope that it was done using two of my favorite things, stop-motion photography and street art. No matter though, it’s still so fun. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Visual Diary: Klas Ernflo

Color me inspired! Not too long ago I stumbled across the stunning work of Klas Ernflo, and I believe it was via Design Milk, however I can’t confirm this at the moment, because their website is having problems…boo. Anywho, I immediately fell in love with these luscious “Color Pad” images the minute I saw them, they are as if, Burberry and Jackson Pollock were to have a baby…really…so, be sure to check them out here…and here…and enjoy!

Images via Klas Ernflo

Monday, October 12, 2009

Visual Diary: Megan Stelzer

About three weeks ago, I ventured out to Worcester, MA in support of my coworker Scott Boilard. Among two hundred and fifty other artists, Scott was selling his work at Start on the Street, a festival held annually on Park Ave, between Highland and Pleasant Sts. It was a beautiful day and there were certainly a lot of goods to be viewed and foods to be consumed; what better way to spend a Saturday!

While perusing many tables and tents filled with everything from ceramics, glass-works, paintings, drawings, t-shirts, etc., I came across the jewelry of Megan Stelzer. Her key-chain necklaces caught my eye immediately! Beautifully crafted with unique designs, I wanted one of these lovelies right away. I also loved her Terra Rings and the Oblong Links Chain, which apparently can be worn in a variety of creative ways. Be sure to check out how to wear this beauty, as well as, scope out more of Megan’s wonderful designs on Etsy!

Also, in case you missed Start on the Street and would care to get your fill of arty goodness, take note of Start at the Station, a similar Worcester festival hosted at the historical Union Station on Sunday, December 6th. Featuring over 80 artists and crafters, food and more it’ll be the perfect locale for one-stop holiday shopping!

Images via Megan Seltzer

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tintastic: Frank's Mustard

Another fabulous tin from the time capsule...Frank's Mustard. I believe this tin was given to me as a birthday gift from my friend Season. It might actually have been for my 30th, at least, that's how I remember it. Over the years, I've acquired a few tins from Season, and I have to say, she's got good taste in tins ;}

I especially love the simplicity of this tin. It's not often, in today's visually saturated market, especially that of the super market, that we see "white space," or rather in this case, yellow space: an empty spot in a design where the eye can rest and digest what it is seeing. This tin is a lovely example of using "white space" effectively. When we look at it, there is nothing distracting us from the word, "Mustard" we clearly know what we're looking at and what we're buying.

Graphically, I just love the 1950's-60's vibe of this tin. The little red waves that travel accross and around it's surface, the iconic mustard tree encased in an oval, and of course, the wonderful mix of decorative vs. utilitarian type. What a fantastic find...thanks Season! There will be more tintastic finds to come, so be sure to check back soon!

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Pattern: Circus

Hello there! Hope this finds you well. I'm very happy to share the latest addition to the Cosmos Creative Collection, it's called, "Circus." The color palettes are a bit more subdued than the previous colors chosen for "Tattoo," however, they are intriguing, none the less.

I have to admit, this pattern was a bit more work than some in the collection. The original drawing was very busy and the line width's were off balance, so I definitely did work it over some. I added a few elements here and removed others there, all in the name of good design of course ;} Hope you like the end result! Be sure to stay tuned for more patterns to come! Yey!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Soft Pack Recap

Sorry to say, I have no images, or videos to share from last night's sighting of The Soft Pack. Total bummer on so many levels, so you'll just have to settle for this one I swiped from Flickr. However, some highlights of the evening included: Brian Hill being so much of a gentleman, that he moved over a seat for my friend and I, at the bar...when we didn't even ask him to...awe, spotting the entire band while we ate dinner...we were surrounded, but of course, I was too much of a chicken to say anything to any of them, grrr, and finally, since the place wasn't packed, I got to stand front and center for their entire set...swoon!

Despite two drunken fans with a toy lightsaber (no comment) the show was awesome! I only wish I could have hung out post show and mingled for a bit, but nope, I had to be responsible and get my friend back to providence it goes. If they ever get around to playing the area again, I will most definitely get a new camera, go see them, and get some pics, or maybe even a video! Until then, be sure to get your fill by checking out their website, they've got some great photos and a few new videos up. Enjoy!

Photo via Radio K (KUOM) Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN's Photostream on Flickr

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Soft Pack @ The Middle East, Boston MA

If someone asked me today, at this very moment, who my favorite band is, I would say with complete confidence, “The Soft Pack” or rather, “The Muslims.” When I first heard this band, it was on something like, MySpace and they were, “The Muslims” and I liked them A LOT! Unlike some people, their name didn’t bother me, since it’s a band, not a corporation, and I guess, I’m educated and not a racist (refer to NME article). Certainly, I’m not an expert when it comes to music either, nor the history of, but I can tell you this, I just love the deadpan vocals of Matt Lamkin, Brian Hill’s leg-shaking, arm-waving drums, Mr. McLoughlin’s gutty guitar and the easy-going delivery of bass guitarist Dave Lantzman!

So…why am I sharing all of this with you? BECAUSE…I am going to see, The Soft Pack this Saturday, at The Middle East in Boston!! I cannot express adequately how excited I am, I can only hope to capture my exuberance on film, or rather, in pixels…and post about it after. My camera is broken, but hopefully I will make due, and get something up here that is visible. So stay tuned for more to come on The Muslims, I mean, The Soft Pack…whatever…