Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cosmos Contributes: FirstWorks Festival 2012

Hello and Happy Tuesday Friends! Today I'm happy to share some photos with you, from an event I participated in over the weekend. This past Saturday, downtown Providence was a hub of art, music, dance and performance thanks to the FirstWorks Festival. If you've never attended, or heard about this event, be sure to visit their website to learn all about it.

At this year's festival, my good friend Yarrow Thorne, of the Avenue Concept, was contracted by the city to build a 150-foot wall in the middle of Kennedy Plaza’s trolley lane. Where a group of artists, including myself, painted the wall while passer bye's looked on. Each artist was allotted a 4' x 8' panel and six cans of spray paint and the results were amazing. The art was varied and the spectators were intrigued…overall, it was a really fun and exciting way to spend a Saturday. I'm thrilled that Yarrow asked me to be apart of it.

In the pictures I've posted here, you can see the wall with all of the participating artists and their respective panels. My panel is the one on the very end with the black and white pattern. For those of you who are familiar with my patterns, you might recognize this one. I've made notebooks, tote bags and pillow cases all adorned with it in the past, but this is the first time that I've ever executed it in spray paint.

In order to successfully loop the pattern across such a large surface, I used a stencil. Although it may not look like much, this stencil took quite a bit of planning to make. Luckily, I had access to a laser cutter and didn't have to hand-cut the thing…which would have probably taken me an entire day, or more to cut. 

Working in a new medium is always a stressful process, especially when you only have one crack at it to make a finished piece…never mind, when people are watching over your shoulder. But overall, I'm very pleased with how the pattern turned out and totally enjoyed the full experience. Maybe next time, I'll experiment more with color and texture…until then, stay tuned and stay inspired!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Visual Diary: Temporary Tattoos #3

Hello and Happy Monday friends! Long time no post, I know, but today I have some new temporary tattoo fun for your eyes to feast on. It's been quite a long time since I've posted anything but my own drawings, so I was excited when yesterday, while I was cleaning up my apartment, I came across a small stack of these temporary tattoos. I collected these quite a while ago and just sort of forgot about them, but I'm happy to share them with you today.

The four Tattoos at the top are from a new line called DEC Deco Tattoos designed by Jeanie Newby and the other two (above) are from the more traditional line called Liquid Skin. Out of this bunch, I would have to say my favorites are the cupcake, the cherries and lastly, the rose with two guns. Do you have a favorite? I always get such enjoyment collecting these, they kinda make me feel like a kid again. Unfortunately I haven't come across any machines in a while, but hopefully my luck will change soon. So stay tuned and stay inspired…have fun, fall is here!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

From the Sketch Book #040112 & #040312

Hello and Happy Wednesday friends! Thought I would dust off the old blog and share two new drawings from the sketchbook...Hope you like! Of course, I like one better than the other...can you guess which one? Let me know your thoughts, I’m always happy to get feedback! Hope you all have a wonderful week. Stay tuned and stay inspired, spring is here!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cosmos Contributes: Cirque Du Noir 2011

Hello friends, hope this post finds you in the spirit of Halloween! This year, Cosmos Creative will be celebrating at Cirque Du Noir in Worcester, MA. My friend and co-worker, Michelle May, has hosted this fabulous fundraiser for the past four years to help support the Worcester County Food Bank, and this year is no exception!

The event will be held at Ritual, and will showcase an abundance of creative spirit including a silent art auction, an art fusion and live music from Ryan Flaherty. Guests are expected to wear “creative black attire” as they munch on delicious Mediterranean hors d'oevres, peruse art, and mingle.

In addition, Cosmos Creative will be donating an iPhone 4/4S capsule case to the silent auction! The case is made by Uncommon, designed by Cosmos Creative and features the hand-illustrated pattern titled, “Birch.” Overall, I’m pretty stoked to offer such an amazing item, I only hope people will want it! If you’re interested in attending Cirque Du Noir, you can visit the Facebook page here, or go to the event page here. Happy Halloween, I hope to see you there! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cosmos Contributes: Rhode Island PBS Art & Artisan Auction

Hello and Happy Friday friends! I’ve got some fun news for you today! I’m excited to share that Cosmos Creative has donated a set of 3 multi-color Matchbook Notepads­ to the Rhode Island PBS Holiday Art & Artisan Auction! The online auction will run until November 30, 2011, so be sure to stop by and check out all of the works available! It’s a great opportunity to support a good cause and get that perfectly unique holiday gift for your dearest friends and family. If you’re interested in bidding on the set of three Matchbooks, go here. Happy Bidding!

Monday, September 19, 2011

From the Sketch Book: #091911

Hello Friends! Hope this post finds you well, I have a new sketch for you today! I apologize for the lack of variety in my posts lately, but I am happy to report that I’ve been sketching A L O T. Unfortunately, this particular sketch turned out to be a quick and sort-of-sloppy one because I was sprawled out on a blanket drawing at the park. It was a beautiful evening, just before sunset, but the wind really picked up while I was there. It ended up getting chilly, so I rushed to get the sketch done and ran home to drink something warm and take a nap…welcome September…I guess fall is officially here! Either way, I hope that you like the sketch…there will be more to come soon, so stay tuned and stay inspired!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

From the Sketch Book: #071311 & #071011

Hello and Happy Thursday friends! Thought I would have a new Tintastic, or a Visual Diary post for you today, but naaaahhh, I have another two drawings from the sketchbook instead! Hope you like.
Out of the few people that I have shown the drawings to, prior to posting, people either like one, or the other. I am actually very happy with sketch  #071311 (top) because I feel that lately, I’ve been drawing a lot of sketches that look like #071011 (bottom) and really appreciate the dimension in #071311.
Either way, let me know your thoughts, I’m always happy to read your comments! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Stay tuned and stay inspired…it’s Summer ;}