Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tintastic: L'oate Quick Oatmeal Facial

Hello and happy Tuesday loves. I’ve got another Tintastic tin for you today and surprisingly enough, it did not come from my Grandfather’s attic. Instead, it came from the wonderful Rhode Island Antiques Mall. If you’ve never been to this special place and you live in the area, than you must at least check it out once! Whether you’re on a mission to find the perfect bookcase, lamp or collectible, this amazing showcase of antiques and vintage goods will do anything but bore an inquisitive mind. I can only guess that upon your visit, you’ll either find exactly what you’re looking for, or everything you’re not looking for…but will want anyway, just because it is so awesome!

Lucky for me, I found exactly what I was looking for; a new and unique tin to add to my collection…the lovely L'oate Quick Oatmeal Facial tin. I think this may be one, of only two, cosmetic/beauty product tins that I own. Most of the tins in my collection are of the tobacco, office supply or medicine variety. So, to say the least, I’m pretty excited about this little beauty.

I assume this tin was produced around the 1930’s since it is rather art deco in style and design. It’s oval in shape, features a matte black finish, elegant typography and of course, that stylish silhouette of a woman’s face. I have to say, the vendor from whom I bought this tin, had a lot of amazing tins to choose from. However, several were talc tins, unfortunately still with the talc inside of them and that is why I did not buy them. Despite their beauty, I have a rule; I don’t buy a tin that has anything inside of it. The L’oate tin met all of my criteria: it was $10 or less, free of rust and contents, and showcased amazing typography and graphics. It was love at first sight ;} So, stay tuned for more tintastic love to come soon! Until then, enjoy your week!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cosmos Creative's "Tattoo" Featured on The City Sage!

Hello! Hope this finds you well. I’ve got some happy news for you today! I just found out that the ever so popular blog, The City Sage, featured Cosmos Creative’s Tattoo pattern on their site! Yey! Our “Tattoo – Lavender” pillow cover was featured among a collection of other wonderful finds from Envelop.eu. So be sure to check out the full post here…Happy Reading!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cosmos Creative is on Envelop.eu!

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone, I've got some exciting news today; Cosmos Creative has just opened a shop on Envelop.eu! Now you can buy cotton Tote Bags and Pillow Covers adorned with patterns from the Cosmos Creative Collection. Featured here, are just a few of the designs available for purchase, so be sure to check out the full shop and buy yourself a new tote for the beach this summer...Happy Shopping!